Velsa Maintenance

Velsa Maintenance is a family run business that started in 2009 to address the growing need for dedicated, sincere, and quality handymen services in the San Francisco Bay Area. The founders of Velsa – Oscar Valasquez and Ayda Santos – decided to start Velsa after an idea of offering the best handymen services as a brand. Today, Velsa is a handyman, cleaning and painting company, formed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in these sectors, enabling Velsa to provide a reliable and high quality experience for it’s customers

We utilize top quality painting brands to provide the customer desired color and finish texture. Customer satisfaction with the resulting painting service is our number one goal.

In addition, Velsa also offers all kinds of professional cleaning services for  private or public spaces, be it flats and houses, communities, offices, industrial buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, banks, and much more.

Contact us, without obligation, to get a budgetary quotation for your repair, painting or cleaning needs. We will answer all of your questions, and strive to deliver a superior solution to your needs.

Hire Expert Handymen, Painters, and Cleaners in San Francisco Bay Area

Velsa Maintenance

San Francisco Bay Area

Are you looking for a handyman, painter, or cleaning services in San Francisco Bay Area? Contact us today to request a quote or information about our services without any obligation.

We always seek full satisfaction of all the clients we work with. Our comprehensive services and teams of professionals with extensive experience in different areas ensure all your needs.

Velsa Maintenance is handyman services company dedicated to offering comprehensive home maintenance, painting, and cleaning services in San Francisco, CA. We have a team of professionals to perform all kinds of electrical, plumbing, masonry, painting and cleaning work in single-family homes, commercial premises and communities.

Experienced Handymen at Your Service

Experienced Handymen

Velsa Maintenance has a team of handymen with extensive experience in providing plumbing, electrical, DIY, cleaning, painting and masonry services for home maintenance. We perform maintenance, repair and installation work, always offering the best results in the shortest possible time.

Whether you want to hang shelves, pictures or lamps, install bathroom accessories, assemble furniture of different dimensions, repair various breakdowns, install blinds and fans, change bulbs and fuses, purge radiators, replace taps or shower hoses, or install toilets, you can count on Velsa Maintenance any day!

Our expert handymen are ready to offer a wide variety of maintenance services in fields. We are committed to always offering the best results, at the best price and in the shortest possible time.


Advantages of Trusting Velsa Maintenance

Are you looking for a handyman company  for your home or office San Francisco Bay Area? Velsa Maintenance professionals provide home maintenance, painting and cleaning services at the best price. The experience of each of our team members guarantees excellent results in electrical, plumbing, carpentry, painting or masonry work. We are the company you are looking for if you need a comprehensive home maintenance service.

• Honest and dedicated professionals hard at work

• Fair and transparent prices competitive with other service providers

• Punctual, friendly, and disciplined staff

• Excellent customer service

• Extensive experience of all team members

• We carry out maintenance, painting and cleaning

• We offer fast and, above all, efficient services

• You always get high-quality results, guaranteed

• We offer solutions adapted to your needs

• We seek the satisfaction of all our clients

Our Areas of Action

Are you looking for a handyman service in San Francisco Bay Area? Get in touch with us if you want to request more information about our cleaning, maintenance or painting services. We will give you a customized budget without obligation. You will only have to pay the price of the work that we do without any additional or hidden costs.

team of specialists

DIY Handyman

We take care of different types of maintenance tasks in your home. We assemble furniture, hang shelves, place blinds and curtains, and do much more. At Velsa Maintenance, we have a team of specialists to repair and install custom fabricated parts.

highest quality

Painting of Houses and Private Apartments

We are experts in painting houses and all types of private apartments. We work quickly and efficiently, since we have the best professionals, who will guarantee perfect and orderly finishes. All the products we use are of the highest quality and comes with a guarantee. Ask for a budget now!


Painting of Commercial Premises

The aesthetics and looks of your premises matter a lot since a tired appearance can make a bad impression on your customers. Therefore, it is essential that your premises is properly painted with the right colors. Our company paints commercial premises and warehouses, giving your business premises an impeccable design foundation.

workers and owners

Office Painting

We are experts at painting offices. Ae meet deadlines and promise the least interruption or inconvenience for your employees. The results will enable your facilities to reflect the spirit of your company, and offering a beautiful and inspiring workplace for your employees.


Plumbing Handyman

The professionals at Vesla maintenance can carry out any type of repair in your home quickly and efficiently. We fix pipe, drain plugs, leaks, and handle any type of plumbing repair. Consult without obligation and discover how we can help you. We will visit you in the shortest time possible to quickly solve any plumbing problem that you’re facing in your home.

replacing or repairing

Electric Handyman

We carry out all kinds of electrical handyman activities, such as replacing or repairing the plugs, changing light bulbs or fuses, hanging and placing lamps, or installing fans on the ceiling.

How does it work

1. Request your services

Get in touch with us by calling or filling out the form, explaining what you need.

2. Our specialists will get in touch

We will call you back to offer you a customized proposal that addresses all your needs.

3. Receive Services

We finalize the deal and get to work. Sit back and watch us fix it all.

get an estimate now!

Ask for an estimate without any commitment on any of the work we do at Velsa Maintenance. We are specialists in home maintenance work in San Francisco Bay Area and we provide a quick solution to any problem you might be facing.

Handyman Services

We are honored to offer a mix of service,
We can do painting and cleaning, fix things aroud the house or prepare that unit for the new tenant or new owner, that’s why is so great to work with us,
With a good flexible schedule and good price,

About Velsa Painting CEO

We are a San Francisco residential and commercial painting company with our office in San Francisco We have been providing the best house painting services to Bay Area homes since 2018. Our specialty is high quality residential painting, and we have expanded to provide the same level of expertise to many commercial painting projects.
We offer conventional and specialty paint finishes on both interior and exterior painting jobs, as well as color consulting, light carpentry and customized color palettes. Our professional painting staff provides clients with efficient and properly executed paintwork.
Selecting the right painting contractor is the first critical step in making your home remodeling project happen. While there are many Bay area-painting contractors to choose from, Velsa Painting delivers a level of care, expertise and quality of workmanship that sets us apart. For over two decades we have been gaining happy clients and 5-star reviews in San Francisco, bay area.
Our Core Values
Our professional painting company is guided by our core values and drive each decision and project we do:

Outstanding Customer Service

Our number one goal is outstanding customer service. It’s essential to the growth of our painting and maintenance… business that we build a happy client base so we can provide repeat service to clients and gain word of mouth referrals. We want our clients to tell their friends that we’re best painting and maintenance contractors” they’ve ever used. So you can count on prompt, courteous service every time.

Execute On What You Promise

Painting and maintenance activities can be disruptive to homeowners or office workers owners so we feel it’s important to set clear objectives and timelines for when we will start and finish our work. We will always execute on the plan so there are no surprises. And when issues arise, we will communicate effectively with our clients so we are always on the same page.

Continuous Improvement

Painting techniques…. painting techniques and materials evolve over time and we feel it’s important to stay up to date with any new painting trends, techniques and materials. As painting contractors, Velsa Painting sets aside time in the busy schedule to keep on what’s new in the business so you know you’re getting the best painting service available.  

Pride in Workmanship

At the end of the day, we take pride in what we do. We feel this is the foundation of the quality service we provide. Each member of our team should feel good about their contributions to any project each and every day. This is the bedrock of the success of Velsa Painting Company and think you will agree.

If you need electrical or plumbing repairs, or cleaning services.. in San Francisco or in the bay area, please contact Us to get your painting project started!

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